Rachel is a registered social service worker and certified yoga instructor. Her work focuses on consciousness raising and bringing you back into contact with your lost self, Her knowledge, practical insight and empathic abilities help her to guide you back to your empowerment.

See below for services description.

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Sessions begin with a consultation and conversation about what you would like to address and the results that you want to achieve. The emotional, mental, and physical bodies are addressed and experienced through the movement of yoga, breathe, and intentional focus.  Rachel teaches a practice of self-awareness and provides you with the tools to process and integrate your experiences.

Depending on your preferences, the time spent on yoga, meditation, and conversation is adjusted.

Appropriate for beginners to yoga and meditation.


  • Gain insight and break free from inner conflict
  • Feel grounded, capable, and strong
  • Learn to use meditation as a tool for personal growth
  • Build flexibility and muscle tone
  • Develop inner trust and work with your innate strengths

Gain mastery over:

  • Stress
  • Thought patterns
  • Feeling stuck
  • Painful emotions
  • Life transitions
  • Confusion
  • Avoidance and procrastination
  • Relationships
  • Painful memories
  • Purpose
  • Self- love and authenticity


Both active and gentle classes are available for groups and individuals.

Classes can be tailored for focus in fitness, relaxation, and mindfulness

Learn about and improve: Asana alignment, breathing techniques, muscle tone, posture, flexibility, body awareness


Private individual yoga: $35 hr
Private group yoga: $45 hr
Private individual therapeutic yoga: $65 hr
Coaching: Forget the yoga! Let`s talk and get to the bottom of things: $65 hr

*Yoga and meditation are available in Toronto
** Coaching is available via Skype

Please contact for more information


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