Prison planet peacemakers

True peace cannot come from the enforcement of law. Peace is a natural state of being that will return when free will is truly honoured. One of the old programs of the collective human consciousness is that law is required to prevent chaos.

In some ways this is true, however humans are much smaller than the natural laws of the universe and need not interfere with the results of the actions of other people. Perhaps in the past human law was required to keep certain order, but many people have evolved beyond this need. It is time to shed that old program and trust in our own ability.

Violence is not a sign that we need more control, it is a sign that we have exerted too much force and it is backfiring. Think about the times you were angry and what might have been underneath that anger. Feelings of powerlessness are a common theme.

Freedom is the inheritance of our souls and the responsibility of all Beings. The human spirit is creative and we suffer when we feel trapped. Why build a society that chooses to fight and build prisons when we become more restless, more frustrated, more aggressive, more isolated as a result?

The distinction between criminals and citizens is artificial. The truth is that you have never not been free, and although the pain of feeling trapped is easy to confirm by looking externally, turn focus internally to gain access to a feeling of infinite possibility.

Part of the feeling of trappedness comes from beliefs you may have about being the sum of your observable traits, and what being those traits means to you and to the perspectives you believe matter more than your own.

Creativity is an enemy to oppression, and many of our institutionalized ways of being have succeeded in trapping our perspectives. Remember and access the knowledge that there is always more than the possibility that you believe in right now, and you will feel more and more free.

Much Love.


2 thoughts on “Prison planet peacemakers

  1. Your words seem to confirm my own belief that true peace comes from developing insight into one’s own true nature. I love your blog, by the way, and have always enjoyed reading it.

    • It’s true! We are often at the mercy of the external because of our disconnection from within, and also blind to our own motivating beliefs and emotions. Insight, within, coupled with non-judgment and acceptance is one of the keys to re-alignment and peace. Thank you for contributing your comment :))

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