Getting familiar with pain

We are ill because our society is ill. And our society is ill because we are ill. We have learned to use the tools of its illness to attempt healing.

In using these blunt tools we continue the cycle of violence upon ourselves and traumatize each other instead of teaching love by example. Our professional healers, teachers, leaders have not been immune. Trauma can result in the dislocation of love, and this fuels the cycle of pain. How can punishment heal, when the “punishable” action was born from pain?

We have learned to honour ownership instead of care, superiority instead of appreciation, success instead of growth, victory instead of creation, cunning instead of vulnerability, control instead of honesty.

Our society is sick, because we are sick, and we are sick because we are still learning how to work with our pain and with each other’s pain.

Pain makes us selfish and busy if used destructively. If used well pain leads to an integrity of compassion that enables the greatest transformations through the powerful action of an effortlessly united community. How do you express willing love?


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