Self is limitless

Why do we feel stuck?

Limits and boundaries are necessary in order to experience oneself as a coherent and individuated being. We choose these limits throughout a lifetime, micro moment by micro moment . The accumulation of these choices is part of the the person who you call you.

Sometimes there is a part of us that feels stuck in a pattern that manifest as pain on what can feel like a hamster wheel. During these times, it is helpful to return to your creation point , that peaceful pre-choice place, and become aware of what within us is pulling us back.

One way to return to this ‘creation point’ is through a simple process of focus and special breathing where one is enabled to observe self free of the daily consciousness “screen”‘of perception, in other words, free from the accumulation of conclusions mentioned above.

During this process, you will encounter thoughts, feelings, and memories. This encounter is not a “mistake.” This arising experience is a valuable key towards free and easy being and should be welcomed despite its perceived unpleasantness.

Thoughts, feelings, and memories may (and usually) will arise.These arising thoughts , feelings and memories are often the “blocks” between you and your joyful self. What has happened is you have re-encountered an unprocessed experience (it can be recent or ancient). During the time of that experience you may have felt hurt or confused and unsure about how to solve the problem. You tucked it away and forgot about it, but it was caged rather than released.

Often you understand more now than you did at the time of the problem,,. especially if the incidence took place in childhood and was tucked away with the child’s perspective. Looking at it again with new eyes can reshape your feelings and meanings, and can help you to take new perspectives and therefore see new solutions.

Awareness enables choice, and is a critical tool towards aligning with your limitless self.

To begin, engage ABDOMINAL BREATHING and allow the body to relax. It can be seated, supine, with eyes open or closed. If you feel restless, you may do this exercise while walking, or even with a pen in hand to write spontaneously. Settle into your breathe and allow the experience to flow without expectations or beliefs about what should happen.

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One thought on “Self is limitless

  1. A very inspiring post…Awareness enables choice,
    Wise words and I really appreciate that you shared this one with us, Thanks!,best wishes, Aquileana :D

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