The Freedom Test – Part II

Your answers below will enable you to observe how free you feel relative to the undoubtable possibility of your total and complete freedom – it already exists, you only have to agree to it by agreeing to be who you are fully. Recognizing that you feel oppressed is an excellent step towards your freedom.

Many of the ideas that we perceive as ‘common knowledge’ are actually mechanisms of oppression. Any belief that results in the separation of you from others, any resulting action from such a belief, and the separation of you from yourself – is a mechanism of oppression that denies you the gift of your freedom, peace, and ability to love freely.


  1. Peace requires freedom.
  2. Freedom requires natural independent thought (not independently oriented thought, just your natural thoughts).
  3. Natural independent thought requires that you get back in touch with yourself. How else would you know what is true for you?

Many of our preferences lead to numbing. Pay attention to the moments when you seem to be craving something – are you looking for relief? If you are looking for relief, maybe you are after something that will numb you. This is a big reason that we smoke, exist inside virtual realities (to divert focus and there is also something to the light that comes from these screens) reach for junky foods, or don’t feel “satisfied” until we have altered our state. Stop numbing Yourself out – The more numb you are, the less in touch you are with your truth and the more susceptible you are to manipulation. Freedom comes from owning yourself completely. Your freedom, and inner peace – is through this process of releasing resistance to any and all parts of yourself, including the feelings that you don’t like.

Since there is lots of talk on “Being yourself” I want to express my definition because the BIG SELF is not the concrete and immovable expression of a single identity, but is rather a state of coherence between all parts of your being including the mind, body, and emotions, and is flexible from moment to moment – the requirement for “being yourself” is that you are at all time the conscious and aware director of your free will. “Being yourself” does not require so called perfection. It requires that you accept who you are even when you don’t like it.

The more connected you are within yourself, the more freedom you will experience.

Freedom Test Part II:

  1. Do you negotiate for yourself regardless of ‘the rules’?
  2. If your truth upsets another person, do you stand by your truth?
  3. Are you able to stand up for yourself without engaging in combat?
  4. Are you comfortable with your own boundaries, or do you justify violations?
  5. Do you feel guilt for something you are not sure you did?
  6. Are your afraid of being honest?
  7. Do you carry an attitude of gratitude or are you a blind blamer?
  8. What makes you happy?
  9. Can you face and embrace your emotions?
  10. Can you embrace yourself, even the parts of you that seem dark and socially taboo?

Start paying attention to what your motivations are – are you seeking relief from yourself by numbing it out? Don’t numb it out – it’s not as bad as you think, just take a little look and see what you learn. You are your own gatekeeper, open up and enjoy being the expression of yourself. Much Love.


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