Where there’s peace, there’s freedom.

Where there is peace, there is freedom.

Many of us are craving rest, inspiration, peace …and work like dogs to find it. But peace is not the kind of thing that you rush to get to. Peace appears when you do. And it’s from that state that we should start being active.

The sensation that something or someone is always pulling – to achieve, to accomplish, to complete – can you name what or who that is? Or where that came from? Or if it’s even your instigation? Please, stop being pushed around by an unidentifiable impulse that directs you to prove and to achieve. Allow your curiosity and excitement to motivate you. It is punishment when an urge is inspired by “what will happen if I don’t”,  and maybe even the least direct path  to satisfaction.


If you have felt resentful about your circumstances, try to see if you have feelings of obligation hidden underneath. Maybe you can find a perspective of gratitude instead – feeling owed or feeling like you owe is experienced as a prison. No freedom, no peace. The good news is, you don’t have to feel obligated! If you are prone to saying “I have no choice, I have to, I should” you are maybe open to having your life pushed around by someone else’s agenda. Just stop, and feel from your heart, what are you creatively pulled towards? Or at least what do you no longer want to do for now?

Freedom is belonging to yourself, and Joy is acting on this belonging. There is no human on earth who chooses any belief, and idea, any action without believing that it holds the highest potential for happiness. Examine the beliefs that are underneath your decisions.  Question what you believe to be common knowledge, matter of fact, obvious, the way it’s done and has to be. Nothing has to be anything. Creativity is sure expression of freedom – fluid, expressive, unbound. Your freedom is within you. Express it.



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