The freedom test

Looking for inner guidance? Step 1) Stop analyzing the life out of everything. Step 2) Stop analyzing the life out of everything.

Don’t know what you want, but feel confused and lost? Try anything. Try it. You might find that you don’t like that thing after all. And what a relief that would be instead of wondering and contemplating for ten years. Now you’re free for the next idea. Or have a better plan for the next try.

Here is my freedom test:

1) What scares you? HERE
2) What inspires you? HERE
3) Do you buy into the inspiration or the fear? HERE
4) Prove it.

Many of us experience the “same day” every day, and wonder why our circumstances don’t change. It’s the version of you (aka your current perspective) that is coming to certain conclusions that keeps you stuck. To change your circumstances, you need to change your attitude. Things may not change until you take a risk. Playing it safe is a prison.

Feel like time is running out? Our “modern” definition of what it means to be successful has been so narrow, and we narrow-mindedly follow it – that many of us are super trained into a cycle of depression + hyper activity that = zombie. Ever try something that did not work out? Great! Now you have lived some more.

You are not a robot.

You are not a slave.

You do not owe anyone anything, Giving is beautiful and no one likes strings.

Be your free self, be your natural free self, just do it.



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