The slave and the martyr are free

Many of us are now waking up to the understanding that we are all born free. This realization can be painful relative to the awareness of our past oppression, and the deep desire to express as free beings comes forth.

During this freedom evolution, some of us may experience the darker parts of our personalities as the truth flushes out. These are the aspects of personalities that have adapted to a society of conditional love. The martyr, the parasite, the victim, the bully, the over-achiever…. These aspects must be embraced.

They hide and operate beneath the cloak of avoidance, of addiction, of self-pity, of hurry and busy-ness, and are Driven by the fear of not being loved, of not having enough, of being alone.

These aspects may try to convince you that freedom, peace, and abundance are not possible. Their goal is to cause recoil, so keep on loving them and walk onward towards the very things that these darker aspects would have you believe are not possible.

As we wake up to ourselves, we wake up to the conviction of our collective freedom.

When we lovingly, courageously, and with determination, express our inner selves- we land naturally in “place” and give everyone else space to fill their natural role as well.

So much fear of rejection, abandonment, harm, fuels the deterrence of our self expression. But this deterrence is the greatest oppression of all.

Like this post as a way to express your intention to accept other beings and yourself exactly as we are. Like this post as a way to express your request for reciprocation. Like this post as a way to express your loving presence. Please share your comments.

In Love.


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