Discipline is for slackers

Be focused on now – we have a tendency to think about the future to come up with the best plan, the most effective next step, the best decision, that will get us the MOST. This kind of prolonged focus becomes avoidance, and deters us from the very experiences we want to have. This is the cycle – 1)blur one’s own focus of the present because the present is painful. 2) fantasize about a more desirable life. 3) Stay lodged in the fantasy. 4) Present reality cannot improve because we are focused on what we don’t want, can’t have, should be instead of taking action towards our happiness. 5) Present never improves and we go deeper into the delusion. This kind of avoidance is akin to the basic dynamic of addiction – yes! You can be addicted to fantasy if you are living in a state of avoidance.

You can only weave your life when you participate in it fully. Including diving into the experience of yourself that you want to avoid. If you are sitting and wishing for joy- then your are actually making it impossible to experience because you have removed yourself from the only place it happens – now. Walk through what you are avoiding. Your bliss is on the other side.
Many expectations that we have of ourselves are bought into social standards. Let those go for a moment. What would your world be like if you didn’t ‘have to’.’ Your authentic presence is the most valuable asset to every being, including yourself.
Let the go of the goals that are not authentic to your presence, and set your own goals through the natural process of inspiration.

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