Want to share

I would like to share with you an incredible experience I just had. I felt true gratitude for my misery, and felt it tingling out of my body. Here is what I learned: Every single experience, even the ones we hate, resist, and judge- is a complete and valid experience. This is why we can be grateful for our misery! This attitude of gratitude paradoxically dissolves the pain. Its a signal that you’ve had enough, like after a big meal you say “Im full, thank you.” And you leave the dinner table. Feeling cold, anxious, belittled- these are all valuable experiences, made valuable by the fact of your existence. These are YOUR experiences, and you are intrinsically valuable, by virtue of your existence. All experiences (even the “bad” ones!) are an expression of the unconditional love of the universe- because the gift of free will is a gift of unconditional love. Without the presence of every single atom, we would all be experiencing a completely different reality. You are perfect and complete, and you don’t have to do or be anything different to experience that.You may have beliefs that tell you otherwise. Your job is to be with yourself during all of your experiences, beliefs, feelings, and judgements (including any part of you that disagrees with your intrinsic wholeness)- as a grateful and curious observer.


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