States over Stats

When we feel like our options are limited and we have little control over our lives, this is the time to start working.

Believing in a label and its associated limitations is a recipe for paralysis. Take yourself back. If you feel stuck ask yourself if there is the possibility of an alternative. Simple acknowledgment of a small possibility opens the door to a world of options. Start doing research and identify others who have overcome a challenge similar to yours. Try to look at the situation from many perspectives. You may even want to ask yourself this way, “If I was the ideal version of myself, what would I tell myself? What would I do?”

Many of us have learned to believe in a story that serves us less. Part of the challenge has been identifying those stories. If you can imagine a future more compelling than the label, the current, the story that you have accepted and/or been assigned, break the habit and go in the better feeling direction one comfortably sized step at a time. You always have permission.

If the habit is hard to break, ask yourself compassionately “what had this problem solved for me?” The answer may surprise you and the insight can help you to start finding new solutions.

Your internal world is dear and unique, get into a kind relationship with it. Express it. Be more gentle with yourself and encourage every. little. success. Stay connected with your goals and maintain your new focus with determination. And Always come back to your focus when things seem to have gone awry- keep putting one foot in front of the other towards your desired state of being, pay attention, and enjoy the ride!


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