The good, the evil, and the enlightened

Most of us have accepted that the good and evil, cops and robbers paradigm is an oversimplification, but when it comes to isolated acts of so called evil it is still difficult for us to love unconditionally. The real and underlying thing that we haven`t understood fully is that we create the evil that we experience by virtue of our focus – and we can heal it by healing our focus.

So how does it happen that we perceive good and evil? For one, we have overdeveloped our minds and adopted them as our primary guides in place of the heart . Perceiving wholly through a lens of unconditional love is a simultaneous giving and receiving that transmutes lower vibrations. By perceiving with our minds only we accept the polarity or good and evil.

All states of being exist on a vibrational scale. Some states are more coherent with Life and others less, none of which are “good“ or “bad“ in and of themselves. If you are able to perceive “good and evil“ it means that you are resonating at frequency that is a match to whatever you would define as evil or good.

Your thoughts can be measured as scalar waves that spread infinitely. Think of yourself as a trasmitter and receiver of all signals. Imagine a flame floating in the ocean. The light diffuses from the flame outwards in all directions. In this way, your `signal` spreads out in all directions, and comes into contact with other floating candles who trasmit the signals that they embody. Higher vibrations (those that are closer to the vibration of joy and love) are more coherent and therefore more powerful than the lower vibrations (for example shame and guilt) and would `raise the vibration` so to speak of the lower ones including your own.

This is why it is important to develop (or more accurately allow yourself) to love unconditionally. In this way you will be able to transform your immediate experience and all potentials that enter the range of the frequency of your field into those of love and joy. In this way we divert or transform people living momentarily in less coherent virational states (if they are willing – otherwise they would simply not appear to us) and therefore our own experiences. The way we choose to interact with our experience will shape the way it comes back to us.

If you perceive it, you can heal it. And also heal the experience of many people (beyond perceived direct experience) , being part of the collective consciousness. This is the beauty of our interconnected nature – we can heal all by healing ourselves because (beyond perceived direct experience) the imprint of all of our experiences are connected through a mass consciousness grid.

Now go and love everything unconditionally – Feel some pressure inside? Or maybe saracasm towards the idea? These are forms of resistance otherwise known as judgments or conclusions, that can be transformed incrementally with identification and allowance.

The effect of resistance to our experiences can be illustrated with the example of a bullet, which fired into water will fragment into pieces after a certain depth depending on the angle of the shot. The interaction between the water and bullet, given their properties, cocreatively destroys the bullet.

Resisting your own shame, guilt, fear, anger, apathy etc will make it worse even though your goal is to upgrade. The first step to upgrade is to accept it – ie, change your trajectory, aka your focus. Rather than understanding yourself as the experiencer of the emotion, understand yourself as the observer. From this perspective, you can learn to love the emotion.

Acceptance is the way out. It may feel counter intuitive at first – but in resisting you deny yourself a new experience because you are denying experience all together. You are saying STOP and everything gets stuck indiscriminately. This is described retrospectively as a pattern, which can be changed.

BE where you are as a way to move forward. Become an observer. From this state of observance, you can learn how to accept what is happening – and create a CALM mental space to be able to FEEL the way to transform it. IE let your mind and heart work together.

Anything that you expose yourself to frequently will integrate into the pattern of your being. Be mindful of what you are saying, what you are thinking, watching, even what you are eating. These are your opportunities to create what you want and change what you don`t like. Be mindful, because not only are you creating your reality, you are creating potentials for everyone else`s. 


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